— We Find & Fund

We partner with key people, companies, and organizations to help keep a consistent flow of financial, and volunteer resources in order to pour into those in need.


— We Build Networks

We strategically seek like minded non-profits, services, and people to bring together to provide an integrated resource pool to those battling cancer.


— We Pray

We have a team of ordained ministers on our board that will partner with you, and on behalf of you in prayer.


— We Strengthen

We renew hope to those who have lost it. Empower those that feel helpless.


— We Provide Finances

Through the generosity of others we provide financial support to help you focus on healing.


— We Care

We maintain a personal relationship with those that we provide help to. You are not alone.




Partnering to make a difference in the lives of cancer diagnosed individuals.

We are receiving multiple grants every month. Some families, or individuals are applying monthly because they need the assistance.

We have been able to give grants to 100% of everyone that has applied. To continue to do that, we need your HELP!

Would you consider being a GEST GIVER? This is simply giving a monthly or yearly donation to help bless families battling cancer. Whether your offering is $10/month or $1000/month, it all makes a HUGE difference in the lives of cancer diagnosed individuals – believe me, as one of those that battled cancer, a grant would have helped my family.

These families that have received $100, $200 or $500 grants have been so grateful and I am humbled by how we are making a difference so that they can pay their phone bill, their electricity, pay tolls, parking, get their grass cut or their house cleaned because they are not able to. This is why we created the GEST Foundation and to see the emails from applicants thanking us, is humbling to say the least.

Please join us and become a GEST GIVER today! It’s tax deductible and it can be as little as $1/day.


Marketa Smith
Dave Paddock grantee 2019
Marketa Smith
Eliseo Alex Briceno
Denice Brandes
Carol Weaver pic
Brice Deriso



Marketa is a Stage IV Breast Cancer Patient

My family and I want to thank GEST Foundation, Inc.  I’m a stage IV breast cancer patient.  I was originally just given only two months when I was diagnosed.  The cancer had spread very quickly and I was often sick, could hardly walk, and it was even difficult to breathe.  The cancer was in the primary area – the breast, lymph system, bones and to the brain.  But, by God’s amazing grace, I just celebrated four years.  I continue to fight everyday and it takes every ounce, but I live by His grace.  I’ve been on seven different chemotherapy treatments and two different rounds of radiation.  I’ve been under chemotherapy treatment since day one.  Currently, my treatment plan includes two different chemotherapy treatments – daily.  

With four years of solid treatment, the costs are substantial.  Not only are the medical costs high, but trying to live a more healthy life is even costly.  Currently, my treatments are not fully covered and the costs are substantial.  At this point the amount that’s not covered monthly is well over $2,000 – just for the chemotherapy.  And the other costs for my care is over $700; therefore, each month, my costs are more than $2,700 and that’s after paying a $7,500 deductible yearly.  Other additional medical costs not covered this year amounted to over $5,000.  As you can see, with a gift like this, it allows me to continue to maintain my current treatment plan and it gives me and my family a huge blessing.  

Thank you again for this blessed gift!

David is a Stage IV Thyroid Cancer Patient

As you may be aware, I am being treated for stage four thyroid cancer at MD Anderson.  For the past 9 weeks we have been traveling from Katy to downtown Houston Monday through Friday.
It is an eighty mile round trip.  Shortly after my arrival at the Ballard House, another resident told me about this grant opportunity . 
I wanted to write and let you know how much this  grant from the GEST Foundation will assist with fuel costs to make my radiation happen. Thanks for your help! It is greatly appreciated!




Partner with us and change a life today!


GEST Foundation, Inc., is a registered 501c3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax ID 30-0960768.