To make a difference in the lives of cancer diagnosed individuals during their journey to recovery; by providing emotional, spiritual and financial support during their storm.

It is currently the vision to reach deep into Katy, TX., and surrounding areas to become a known and well-respected foundation that helps people. It is our goal for the future to grow big enough to be able to provide help and services throughout the entire state of Texas. From there the GEST Foundation will then focus on becoming nation-wide.


Founders Aaron and Michelle Perzan created GEST Foundation, Inc. in honor of her mother Gemma(G), father Elmer and Baba/Grandma Elsie (E) and brother Steven (S) who all died from various kinds of cancer. The “T” in GEST stands for Michelle’s maiden name, Trakalo. Michelle herself is a breast cancer survivor.

After surveying the non-profit organizations currently in existence, Aaron and Michelle realized that there is a tremendous need for a foundation which can provide emotional, spiritual and financial support to those undergoing treatment for all types of cancer.
Aaron and Michelle truly understand that it is the months after surgery which are most difficult for those undergoing treatment for cancer. The Perzan’s relied on their faith and their family to give them the strength to fight her breast cancer diagnosis. However, they understand that not everyone has the support system they were fortunate to have during their journey. Therefore, their vision is to provide a support system for those who do not have one, or who just need a little extra help.
The support provided by GEST Foundation, Inc. will include, but not be limited to, financial support so that patients can focus on healing. GEST Foundation, Inc. will provide grants to deserving individuals so that services such as grocery delivery, transport to and from post-op medical appointments and treatments, house cleaning, and personal caregivers to assist with daily living activities can be provided. By providing this support, Aaron, Michelle and the GEST Foundation, Inc. Board hope to provide cancer patients and their families relief from dealing with the minor irritations of day to day living.
It is the mission of the GEST Foundation, Inc. to help the thousands of people undergoing cancer treatment and their families. Aaron, Michelle and the GEST Foundation, Inc., Board hope that you will support, both financially and through volunteer opportunities, the mission of the GEST Foundation, Inc.



Support us and change the course of a life today!